Analyzing Rental Properties (for Hold or Flip)

Analyzing Rental Properties (for Hold or Flip)

AL GULF COAST- Monday, March 12th @ 7 PM

 – Mobile Convention Center, Room 201B-

PENSACOLA/ORLANDO – Tuesday, March 13th @ 7 PM

– Pensacola Bay Center / Orlando (TBD) –

BILOXI/GULFPORT – Thursday, March. 15th @ 7 PM

– Next Home E-Realty Office, Gulfport –

PANAMA CITY: Monday, March 19th @ 7 PM

– Palms Conference Center, 9201 Front Beach Rd. –

DESTIN/FWB: Tuesday, March 20th @ 7 PM

– Emerald Coast Convention Center –


Investing in a rental property can be a great way to build wealth & generate passive income for your family for years to come, IF you know what you’re doing. If not? Well, your future nest egg could end up a little cracked and scrambled.

Understanding the analytics on rental properties is also a great way to earn MUCH BIGGER CHECKS as a wholesaler, as buy and hold investors typically require less equity, and are oftentimes willing to pay much more than the rehabbers on your buyer’s list.

So, whether you’re a beginning investor who doesn’t even know where to begin, or you’re a more experienced investor who simply needs a refresher on rental analysis, this month’s Professional Investors Guild chapter meeting is for you.

In “Analyzing Rental Property,” we’re going to cover everything you need to consider when you’re looking into cash flow investment properties, including basic topics like the price, rent, expenses, and more.

We’ll then dive deeper into more complex considerations such as:

● Cash-on-cash Return – the measurement of your long-term debt borrowing
● Cash Flow Analysis – determining how much cash you bring in after expenses
● Capitalization Rates – used to establish the value of your investment
● PLUS, Gross Rent Multiplier, Return-On-Investment (ROI) Analysis, Price to Earnings Ratio – And so much more!

If you’re thinking about a rental property as part of your family’s future, or would like to increase your checks on wholesale flips, then this month’s PIG meeting is not to be missed!

Grab your smart phones now, and mark your calendars for the chapter meeting in your area!  We’ll be on the ALABAMA GULF COAST on Monday, March 12th at the Mobile Convention Center, Room 201B, in PENSACOLA & ORLANDO on Tuesday, March 13th at the Pensacola Bay Center (Orlando TBD), in BILOXI/GULFPORT on Thursday, March 15th at Next Home E-Realty in Gulfport, in PANAMA CITY on Monday, March 19th at the Palms Conference Center, and in DESTIN/FWB on Tuesday, March 20th at the Emerald Coast Convention Center.  ALL WORKSHOPS start promptly at 7 PM with networking and registration beginning at 6:30 PM.  


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