The New Tax Act: How it Affects Real Estate Investors

The New Tax Act: How it Affects Real Estate Investors

PENSACOLA/ORLANDO – Tuesday, Feb. 13th @ 7 PM

 – Pensacola Bay Center / Christian Help Foundation –

AL GULF COAST – Thursday, February 15th @ 7 PM

– Mobile Convention Center, Room 201B –

PANAMA CITY: Monday, February 19th @ 7 PM

– Palms Conference Center, 9201 Front Beach Rd. –

DESTIN/FWB: Tuesday, February 20th @ 7 PM

– Emerald Coast Convention Center –


Benjamin Franklin is noted as saying, “the only things certain in life are death and taxes.” Though not quoted as often, another notorious saying of Mr. Franklin’s was, “If Patrick Henry thought that taxation without representation was bad, he should see how bad it is WITH representation.”  

So true.  Whether it’s property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes or one of the other litany of taxes levied by federal, state, and local authorities…there doesn’t seem to be a single area of our lives that isn’t touched in some way by taxes.  As we head into another filing season, many are anxiously awaiting their W-2s to arrive in the mail while 1040 preparers set up shop in the big box stores and tax software companies are ramping up their TV commercials.

As real estate investors, our taxes have always been a little different than standard fare, oftentimes requiring the expert advice of professional accountants and tax attorneys.  This need for additional guidance has certainly NOT changed with the passage of the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act,” the most sweeping tax reform since 1986 under President Ronald Reagan, as many of the rules regarding deductions and other housing-related tax issues have changed dramatically.  

At this month’s chapter meeting of the Professional Investors Guild, we will be taking a deep dive into the GOP’s signature legislative achievement under President Trump, and will be breaking down exactly how it will affect investors of all levels of experience. Topics to be covered include:

—>> Tax Changes Specifically Affecting Homeowners, & How It Will Affect RESALE of Your Investment Properties

—>> The “Pass-Through” Entity Deduction & How it Applies to Your Investment Business

—>> Important Changes to Depreciation Schedules for Commercial AND Multi-Family

—>> Changes to 1031 Exchange Laws & Estate Taxes…

—>> & SO MUCH MORE!!!

Grab your smart phones now, and mark your calendars for the workshop in your area!  We’ll be in PENSACOLA & ORLANDO on Tuesday, February 13th (Pensacola Bay Center & Christian Help Center in the Orlando Area), on the ALABAMA GULF COAST on Thursday, February 15th at the Mobile Convention Center, Room 201B, in PANAMA CITY on Monday, February 19th at the Palms Conference Center, and in DESTIN/FWB on Tuesday, February 20th at the Emerald Coast Convention Center.  ALL WORKSHOPS start promptly at 7 PM with networking and registration beginning at 6:30 PM.  


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