Flipping Houses You’ve Never Seen?

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Creative real estate investing is one of the most exciting businesses to be engaged in, and some of the deals I’m able to do without any of my own money or credit absolutely boggle my mind.  In fact, they would be somewhat unbelievable if I weren’t seeing it happen first hand in my business on a daily basis.  One of Hilburn2those mind-blowing feats involves flipping houses that you have never seen, something I’ve been able to do a few times already this year (2013), each time with a healthy $10,000+ profit.

My most recent success story is located at 7821 Hilburn Road in Pensacola, which we flipped about 2 weeks ago.  We purchased the home for $84,500 and resold it just 2 days later for $105,000 to a cash buyer, and (after closing costs) walked away with a profit in the neighborhood of $11,000.  The home (pictured) was a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home built in 1970 on the Northeast side of Pensacola with over 2000 square feet.  Well, that’s at least what they tell me about it, because again…I’ve never set foot inside of the home.

The key to flipping houses you’ve never seen is all about surrounding yourself with a good team.  One of our P.I.G. members found the lead, and sent it to me, pocketing a nice $2,000+ check for themselves in the process, and they too never saw the house, or put any money down, or had their credit checked (see how easy this is?!?).  My real estate agent met with the sellers and took pictures of the property, and helped secure an end-buyer, making it unnecessary for me to ever view the home (other than pictures).

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