How to Remove Pesky Pet Odors from Your Rehab or Rental

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  1. Herb Mitchell says:

    I have also had success using a black light which you can buy from Lowes or Home Depot. You have to go in at night and turn on the light. The uric acid from the crystals will glow. It has been my experience that cats generally us the same spots. If I need to replace the carpet in one area, I generally try to use the carpet from the closet. Replacing that piece is easier than an entire room and if the carpet in the closet isn’t a perfect match, at least it is not as noticeable. I also get an additional $250 pet deposit as well.

  2. mark davis says:

    Any suggestions for a smoke spell?

    • Matt Robinson says:

      Great question, Mark. I’ve dealt with this on a few houses, and it’s always an annoyance. However, you can use a similar cleaning solution with white vinegar, or just something with ammonia to scrub all the walls. There are some strong cleaning products at Lowe’s and HD that you can use to scrub the walls as well. When you spray it on, you will see yellow stream down…it’s pretty nasty. But after a good clean, you will have to paint with KILZ or other primer, and it may take multiple coats.

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