PIGDiscounts.com Flyer – $200/3 Months (Pensacola) – $100/3 Months (All Other Locations)

Vendor must provide at least 10% discount to PIG members who use their service, and will be highlighted on the flyer for 3 consecutive months in one location.


“Featured Sponsor” at PIG Meeting – $250 (Pensacola) / $150 (All Other Locations)

1.) PowerPoint Slide in Presentation / Mention as “Meeting Sponsor”

2.) 6 Foot Table in the Foyer to Display Promotional Materials

3.) 3-5 Minutes of “Stage Time” to Promote Product or Service

4.) Place Promotional Materials on Seats or Within Newsletter

5.) Small 1 Column Ad in Swine Times Monthly Newsletter

6.) Promotional Post on the Members-Only Facebook Page

7.) 1 Guest Blog Post on the PIG Blog (Optional)


Vendor Table in Foyer/Hall at PIG Meeting – $100 (Pensacola) / $50 (All Other Locations)

6 Foot Skirted Table to Display Brochures, etc.


For more details and availability, email: Matt@ProfessionalInvestorsGuild.com