A Rehabber’s Dream? – Virtual Reality Rooms Coming to Lowe’s

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Share House Made of ToolsGeneral contractors, home design specialists, and remodeling professionals oftentimes have a knack for seeing their finished home improvement project in their well-trained mind long before construction even begins.   However, for the typical (or new) investor, the ability to see beyond the urine-soaked 1960’s shag carpet, the floral wall paper design, and the pink tiled bathroom isn’t quite that easy.  Our lack of “vision” is the creative inspiration behind Lowe’s new virtual reality rooms.

The big home improvement retailer recently announced that they are devising an innovative plan to get customers off their computers and back into the stores with their 30 X 30 foot virtual reality room that brings an entire renovation project to life…right before your eyes.  With this new feature at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores, you’ll be able to design your ideal room on an in-store iPad, including flooring, countertops, and other additional appointments, and then view the finished project in virtual reality inside the “Holoroom”.  This special room, which sounds like something out of the Sci-Fi channel movie of the week, will project a realistic 3-D view of what your remodeled room(s) will look like. 

You’ll be able to make changes in the design of your project right from the holoroom, saving you time and money…and preventing one of those purchases that “looked a lot better in the store”.  From tile to faucets to lighting fixtures, you will be free to mix and match construction materials to achieve the overall décor or interior design that will enhance the look of your renovation project.  Once you’ve made your desired modifications, Lowe’s will produce a list of the necessary materials for your project, and you can then purchase them either in the store or online.

The Holoroom service will begin with bathroom remodels only.  However, over the coming twelve to eighteen months Lowe’s will be adding new rooms that include kitchen and living room projects, as well as outdoor spaces such as lanais and covered porch areas.  The initial launch of this service is set to begin in Toronto, but is sure to spread to a location near you, as customers enjoy seeing their renovation projects virtually come to fruition in just minutes.  It’s an excellent tool that investors can use to be one step ahead of the remodeling process and to remain on budget.

On a personal note, I CAN’T WAIT until this service hits my hometown.  Do you know of any other “rehab hacks” or time savers that you use in your investing business?  Take a few minutes and share below, or let me know what you think about Lowe’s new technological innovation.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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2 Responses to “A Rehabber’s Dream? – Virtual Reality Rooms Coming to Lowe’s”

  1. Yea Buddy. This will take away a lot of fear in not knowing how much a repair or rehab would cost. Remembering the buying formula; potential profit worries will be narrowed quite a bit. Holoroom is another great tool for the arsenal of house buying.

  2. For those with the vision to see what they want and expecpt in the end, this should help them push the envelope by being able to be confident about “That” flooring matching “That” counter or cabinets. Great contribution by Lowes.


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